The Phoenix Festival in the Abbey Grounds, Cirencester is a fully accessible festival that does not discriminate either through age, gender or ability. It is a disabled friendly site that encourages people with physical mobility challenges to be included.

We provide the following site specific advantages for mobility users:


The whole festival site is flat and well drained.

The grounds are maintained all year round and the grass cut short.

Mobility scooters and wheelchairs can move easily on the well-kept festival lawn.

The festival site naturally slopes slightly downhill giving persons in scooter and wheelchairs a great view of the performing areas.

Access to the festival can be by public transport (buses).

A drop off point for mobility user’s visitors is located at the entrance to the grounds.

Hard surfaces are provided to the festival and the surrounding area.

The public bar has a low serving area for mobility users to easily order beverages.

There are no “steps” anywhere on the festival site that would prove difficult for mobility users to cross.

Disabled toilets are provided.

There is plenty of room on the large site for people not to feel uncomfortable.

Break out areas are naturally provided within the layout of the site.




Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th August 2021

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