We have quite tight changeover times, and if we don't get the technical side planned up front there is a danger of entire sets being eaten up - we want to avoid this being yours!


We need to get some basic information to make this festival an audio and visual success! So, please could you assemble a single response with the following information so that we can make sure that everything is catered for:

Tech info form

Name of band members and what they do.



Mark - Lead vocals and trombone.

Steve - Bass guitar and backing vocals etc

Number of mics, any special mic requests, any harmoniser devices, anything else that is not 'good quality mike, on a stand'.

There will be a finite number of mixes (6) available on stage. An initial idea of what you would like in each monitor and where it should be placed would be helpful.  EG:  Only vocals for lead singer, whole band for drums etc.

How many, what for, where do they need to be? If you don't know what needs a DI, use this basic rule: anything that is not a balanced line microphone is a probably DI candidate, e.g. acoustic guitar output, keyboard etc.

The 'house kit' will be miked up and ready to go. Moving a microphone on that kit requires 'dialling in' time during your set. So it would be useful to minimise mike movement and to know up front what we might need to be move so we can optimise this. We will not provide snare, cymbals, kick pedal and other removables - you need to bring these.

Acoustic Guitars

Do you intend to use internal pickups/preamps into a DI?

If you are NOT intending to use internal pickups/preamp into a DI, we need to know!


If more than 1-2 keyboards, are you submixing on stage?

If not, remember to add all of these to your DI list.

We will provide a pair of 4x10 Blackstar cabs and amps, a single 4x10 bass cab and amp, or equivalent, that will be 'ready to go'.

If you insist on any additional backline, please bear in mid that we will help but your setup time may eat into your performance time.

Do you use anything that could be considered non-mainstream in any way? Think: Might I need a special microphone for this? Examples: Any acoustic instruments without direct outputs, particularly orchestral instruments, choirs, things that might need extra long or tall stands, Cajon, decks, sound modules etc

How do you like to sound? Tell us anything you like here, in the best way you can, you help us get *your* sound. Do you need any special FX?

This is your chance to advise us of anything else that might help us to streamline your changeover for less stress to you, and to give you the best representation to the audience.

We have plenty of people on stage to help, so if we are forewarned we can make this as slick as a slick thing and have an awesome sounding event AND chilled out performers!


Make sure you have checked all the info then hit the button below!




We are now planning for the 2021 festival that will be held on:

Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th August 2021

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