The cleanliness and environmental impact of the Phoenix Festival is important to us and paramount to keep the Abbey Grounds looking its best all year round.


We will commit to leaving the festival site as neat and tidy as when we took it over and to provide environmental solutions in as many areas as possible.

We currently recycle 85% of our waste and our aim is for ZERO to Landfill in 2022.

Environmental Information

The best, and most sustainable, solution is for everyone to take their waste home with them and for us not to produce any waste. As this is impracticable we will endeavour to produce as little waste as possible during the event and to use compostable products wherever possible.

Where compostable products are not practical we will use recyclable products.

All traders and Caterers will use compostable or recyclable products. No single use straws, cutlery, plates etc are to be used.

The public bars will use compostable or recyclable beer cups.

All drinks will be served or sold in compostable or recyclable containers.

A water filling station is available for everyone to use to fill their own refillable drinking containers.

All waste materials will be collected and recycled and will be processed through a waste materials recycling facility. The waste materials are then sorted and sent to UK re-processors to be made into new products.



Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th August 2022